Cowhides, cowhides, cowhides

Your probably wondering how can you not have too Many??

Well the answer is simple.  They go in every room indoor and out.  They actually can go outside on a covered porch area, mostly indoors, your bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, kid’s room, and office.

Virtually every room that has a floor can use a cowhide.  They are versatile, with every décor.  Whether you are going country French, eclectic or western we have a cowhide for every space.

We also use cowhides for upholstery in chairs and sofas.  I have replaced my leather on my couch with cowhide (because of my furry animals and it has lasted years).  It still looks great and I replaced it at least 10 years ago.

Lots of cowhides in stock, call today, we can take pictures and ship anywhere.